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Fashion and style have been around probably since the loincloth when one caveman decided to wear his slightly to one side and with a zebra tail accessory. Fashion defines us and helps us to express ourselves. What we wear is an indication of how we wish to be viewed by the world. It is also an indication of status which is why high fashion, or haute couture, was reserved exclusively for the upper classes who would clamour for the latest fashions in order to secure their place among the nobility.

As far as western fashion is concerned, clothing styles started to influence society around the 14th century with men. They started to wear short, padded tops to make their torsos look bigger whilst their lower halves were covered in leggings or tight  trousers. This idea of using accessories and clothes to create a ‘style’ was soon picked up on and elaborate wigs became ever bigger and ever more elaborate!

Although there were many designer clothes trends and styles set by tailors around the time, the most notable dressmaker and the one largely held to be responsible for the birth of fashion design is Charles Frederick Worth who invented the haute couture fashion   house. Charles Worth started to insert labels into his designs so that the public could show off their fabulous designer clothing. Since then fashion has accelerated and many designers have followed in Charles Worth’s footsteps. In 1930 one of the most prominent tennis players at the time, Rene Lacoste, designed his own tennis shirts featuring a logo of a crocodile taken from  his nickname. This was the invention of the designer logo!

Most of the western fashion influences stem from Europe and the fashion houses of Milan, Paris and London as is the case with Giorgio Armani who opened up his own label in menswear after a runaway success in the fashions shows of Milan and  Florence. Armani is now one of the most well-known and popular of Italian designers and his style is known for its youthfulness and high quality materials. Germany also have their own fashion icon however in the form of Hugo Boss who started his empire in 1924 and now successfully trades worldwide.

Dolce and Gabbana are another Italian designer house that started in 1985. They are distinct for having two brands – the Dolce&Gabbana brand that specialises in luxury designer wear and accessories that have been endorsed by countless celebrities and the D&G brand which is younger, funkier and with an urban appeal. D&G have been voted in the past as the UK’s best luxury brand.

Today new innovations and rapidly changing styles of mens designer clothes are influencing fashion everywhere. Stone Island pioneered a revolutionary new dyeing technique that has a ‘used’ and worn look yet uses material that is highly resistant and reversible. The stonewashing technique is now used by many brands and has proven to be extremely popular.

Designer wear may be more easily accessible now but it’s commitment to offering high-end materials and cutting edge designs stays the same. In that respect fashion has changed very little, with people still clamouring to get the latest fashions in an effort to portray their own style and status to the outside world. The only difference is that what was once reserved for the rich is now available for all thanks to cheaper designer wear!


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Mays clothing are not official stockist’s for any of the brands we sell however we purchase old season and some new season surplus stock from shops who are official stockists around the UK, this is why we can guarantee authenticy and have some of the cheapest prices online.

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