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The history of fashion dates way back to the 1800’s when Parisian style and haute couture became all the range among the nobility. But times have changed aplenty since then and fashion now changes almost as fast as Lady Gaga’s outfits! Recent trends have seen a return to vintage fashion and some 80’s style is making a bit of a comeback, so let’s explore the ever changing face of UK fashion.

The 80’s was a major revolution in fashion with the emergence of punk rock and a new generation of teens desperate to break away from the fashion mistakes of their parents! Top of the Pops and MTV in particular, led the way from smartly dressed boy bands in full suits to a much more outlandish and at times controversial style.

Fashion became a way for young people to express their identities and gave them a way of breaking out from the depressive decline of the economy. For girls, the Madonna look was definitely the way to go with plenty of layers, skin tight ripped jeans, lots of accessories and of course boots! For boys it was all about attitude with logo t-shirts, turned-up bleached jeans and Doc Martens.

However by the 90’s the economy was beginning to get back on track and there appeared to be little to rebel against. Fashion changed and the grunge look was in. Think back to casual sportswear being worn even when you weren’t playing sports! Women would wear kitten heels and ankle boots and men would try out their Kurt Cobain look, all topped off with a bumbag! Oh and don’t forget your colour coordination, neon bright was definitely beautiful!

Now despite what Tomorrow’s World might have had us think, the millennium was not an age of silver space suits but hoodies. Yes this was the age of branded clothing and fashionistas became walking billboards for their brand of choice such as Gap, FCUK and Bench. Designer fashion was no longer the reserve of the rich and famous as people had money to spend and they wanted to emulate their music idols.

Today sees the return of the dreaded recession which surprisingly marks a return to 80’s and 90’s fashion. Vintage and rare clothing are now sought after terms on ebay and everyone is after limited designer wear. It seems that we once again want to stand out from the crowd and announce our individuality. Designers are working harder than ever before to bring out limited edition wear that is snapped up at an incredible rate and if you look at their styles, they have taken the very best of the 80’s and 90’s fashion and fused it with a modern, sleek look that is purely 21st century.

However if you don’t have the funds to splash out on pricey designer gear then here are some top cheap tips on looking good for less:

  • Do your research on cheap designer clothing. There are many online outlets that buy direct and so are able to pass on those savings to you.
  • Buy second-hand vintage clothing. It’s more authentic and cheaper than modern versions.
  • Sign up for newsletters so you that are informed in advance of any sales and discounts.
  • Most online shops have a sales section that might not be easy to find, so click on their site map which will locate their sales page for you.

One last thing to consider – you will be wearing the clothes that your parents made popular, so rummage around their wardrobes for some classic vintage gear, just steer clear of the bumbags!


Who We Are?

Mays clothing are not official stockist’s for any of the brands we sell however we purchase old season and some new season surplus stock from shops who are official stockists around the UK, this is why we can guarantee authenticy and have some of the cheapest prices online.

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