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Lyle and Scott Info

As most of the fashion designers seem to come from either France or Italy, it’s nice when you hear of a British designer that has been around since almost the history of designer wear itself. Lyle and Scott are noted for their casual knitwear which became hot on the golfing circuit and has recently enjoyed an upsurge in popularity with the younger generation thanks to celebrity endorsements by the Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Pete Docherty and a host of young male TV presenters.

Lyle and Scott was formed in 1874 with a loan of £800 by friends William Lyle and Walter Scott in the Scottish border town of Hawick. Back then their brand was designed almost exclusively for the golf casual, with many golfing champions subscribing to their knitwear. It wasn’t until the launch of the Golden Eagle logo on their ‘Vintage’ collection in 2003 that the brand became popular with young male artists and was seen as one of the symbols of the indie following.

Buoyed by their success with the younger, trendier generation, Lyle & Scott launched their Heritage Collection which was also given celebrity promotion, the most recently of which has been on the Channel 4 series Skins which has featured many of their male characters wearing Lyle and Scott jumpers and polo shirts with the distinctive Golden Eagle logo. In 2009 the brand picked up the winning prize for the Drapers Young Fashion Brand of the Year.

Their bestselling items are still the old favourite jumpers along with Lyle and Scott polo shirts but as the brand have become ever more popular with the trendy youth they have started to branch out into jackets and t-shirts.

The Lyle & Scott jackets follow the casual yet stylish theme and Lyle & Scott t-shirts are promising to be in demand this summer. All of their clothing range features the Gold Eagle which is their stamp of pride in their top quality clothing.

As far as designers go, Lyle & Scott have proved that you can take an old design and resell it to a younger audience with great success. They are a great British design that no doubt have a few more surprises up their well-knitted sleeves.


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