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Stella McCartney certainly chose an unusual way to show off her spring fashion lines for next year over in New York.


She’s used to making fashion news, of course, and this week’s show has certainly done that. Her 2013 resort collection was unveiled in a cemetery in the East Village – albeit one where the burial plots are in underground vaults, mind you. She also picked a carnival theme for the event.


That meant there was a lemonade stand, arcade coin-ops, a test your strength machine, and other attractions along similar lines, which apparently gave the evening a pretty fun filled vibe. Although there were no Waltzers, which was probably just as well in terms of keeping the latest fashion from accidentally becoming overly colourful.


There were certainly plenty of celebrity guests who turned out to take in the fashion sights, and fairground ones, too. They included the likes of Jim Carrey, sporting a Beatles style hairdo which Stella’s dad Paul may (or may not have) approved of.


Anne Hathaway was also present, with short cropped hair, wearing a white trouser suit, along with Solange Knowles, Adam Shulman and Greta Gerwig.


Mays Clothing would, of course, have loved to have been there too – if only for the lemonade stand (you can’t beat freshly made – and we’d disappointed if Stella provided anything but). Sadly, however, a trip to New York this week wasn’t on the cards.


In terms of the clothes which were being paraded around, as you would expect, there were lots of bright and colourful garments – carnival style, hence the carnival theme. Though quite what the graveyard theme points to, we’re not sure.


There was an abundance of bright yellows, oranges and pinks, and no shortage of floral patterns, not to mention star-shaped sun glasses. Rather glorious splashes of colour, basically, not unlike that which you might expect from clothes by Ma Strum collection.


All that was topped off by some nifty looking platform shoes, and some expensive looking black handbags. There were also some tartan outfits to be seen, and one long tartan jacket in particular which caught our eye in the photos which were taken.


All in all, the collection seemed to go down well with the critics – the press coverage has certainly been widespread – as did the garden party, cocktails and various games.


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